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Works Before 1997

The Cave of Lost Souls (short prose)
A brief description of a 'spiritual' type netherworld written in 1992. A place I sometimes believe a greater part of my soul spent a quite a bit of time.

Doomsday Writings (three short prose pieces)
Also material from 1992, these are various selections of my writings concerning 'the end of the world' type scenes and atmospheres. Usually, the writings come from actual waking visions of a sort, not something I can really explain. Though I don't have them much anymore, some of the imagery from these visions still comes to me on occasion, during those quiet moments, or when lost in thought.

The Green Binder (poems that survived my earlier years)
More material from 1992, these are selected text from an archaic green binder. In this binder are a bunch of writings that were printed up years and years ago. A while back the two disks that contained these and other texts were lost. This green binder is all that is left.

Passages of Flight (short story)
A very small book I wrote in 1992 that expresses my desire and need to break free of the past and its anchorings. It describes a 'leap of faith' which consisted in reality of primary jump into the world and a great many years struggling with the 'withdrawal' from all the properties of the earlier life. In the end, I discover my ability to 'fly' and proceed to have a great deal of fun with this discovery. Although this was written in 1992, and I seem to learn more each day what this really meant to me.

Purples (journal written poems transferred to type)
Some material from 1993 and 1994. In my previous journal, what I wrote was color coordinated. What I wrote in purple were mostly attempts to describe something without actually naming it. One of the pieces on this page I couldn't think up a name for other that which it describes... So I gave that one away, but you can always try to figure the rest out.

A Scan From my Old Journal (220k jpeg)
Here is a scan from a typical page from my old journal. This scan gives you a clear view into my coffee house ponderings and doodles. These days I don't drink as much ... Allergic to the oil of the coffee bean... Rats! But I drink black and green tea. It's always fun to ask for an 'iced tea with no ice'! I've found that some people can get really confused by this request.

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