"O Wind that Blows Out of the West"

O wind that blows out of the West,
     Thou hast swept over mountain and sea,
Dost thou bear on thy swift, glad wings
     The breath of my love to me?
Hast thou kissed her warm, sweet lips?
     Or tangled her soft, brown hair?
Or fluttered the fragrant heart
     Of the rose she loves to wear?

O sun that goes down in the West,
     Hast thou seen my love to-day,
As she sits in her beautiful prime
     Under skies so far away?
Hast thou gilded a path for her feet,
     Or deepened the glow on her cheeks,
Or bent from the skies to hear
     The low, sweet words she speaks?

O stars that are bright in the West
     When the hush of the night is deep,
Do ye see my love as she lies
     Like a chaste, white flower asleep?
Does she smile as she walks with me
     In the light of a happy dream,
While the night winds rustle the leaves,
     And the light waves ripple and gleam?

O birds that fly out of the West,
     Do ye bring me a message from her,
As sweet as your love-notes are,
     When the warm spring breezes stir?
Did she whisper a word of me
     As your tremulous wings swept by,
Or utter my name, mayhap,
     In a single passionate cry?

O voices out of the West,
     Ye are silent every one,
And never an answer comes
     From wind, or stars, or sun!
And the blithe birds come and go
     Through the boundless fields of space,
As reckless of human prayers
     As if earth were a desert place!

                 --Julia C. R. Door